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Tanna, Vanuatu

Vanuatu, a group of around 80 islands situated in the South Pacific Ocean, one of those being Tanna, situated towards the south of the archipelago.

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BTS : Sphere by Theatre Absolute

7 strangers join together in the Shop Front Theatre to create the final part of Theatre Absolute‘s 2 year project Are We Where We Are?

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The InstaX-Files

The InstaX-Files are a what happens off-grid, instantaneously, in-the-moment and unexplained. The photos are out there.
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Northern Italy and Tuscany

July 2017, the car was packed, 50% of the boot was filled with camera equipment and the route was set for the drive down to Italy from the UK.  2 weeks of travelling around Northern Italy, Tuscany, Lake Como, Cinque Terre.  Freedom. Passing through Southern UK and the length of France the driving changes as […]

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