John has spent too many years of his life in front of a computer and actively avoids anything digital.
He takes photos using traditional film cameras, hand developing and enlarging the film in his darkroom where he listens to music on vinyl*. His prints are completely handmade.

Shooting primarily in black and white his work centres around bringing together large format images of landscapes with 35mm/medium format street and documentary photography.

John is terrible at writing (particularly biographies) but hopes to tell stories and inspire through his photography.

*actually, streams 6 Music on an iPad.



Email : contact@johnwhitmore.gallery

Call : 07842 093317

© John Whitmore 2018

Kit List

My current kit list helps cover a variety of environments and situations that I focus my photography on.
  • Large Format : Intrepid 8×10
  • Large Format : MPP VI 5×4
  • Large Format : Chroma
  • Medium Format : Mamiya 7ii
  • Medium Format : Mamiya C330
  • 35mm : Nikon FM3a
  • Instant : Polaroid Impulse AF
  • Instant : Instax Wide
  • Digital : Nikon D800

This setup facilitates enlarging of up to 4×5 negatives. B&W and colour can be produced up to 20″x24″ and using a custom made tray and enlarger system B&W can be produced upto 4ftx8ft.
8×10 negatives are contact printed.

  • De Vere 504 Colour Enlarger
  • Nova 2-slot processor – 20″x24″
  • Tray development upto 20″x24″
  • Custom built enlarger easel and development tray for upto 4ftx8ft.

Top used B&W film

  • Ilford PanF+
  • Ilford Delta 100/400
  • Ilford FP4+
  • Ilford HP5

Top used colour film

  • Kodak Portra
  • Kodak Extar
  • Fuji Velvia 100