Sphere by Theatre Absolute

BTS : Sphere by Theatre Absolute

7 (almost) strangers join together in the Shop Front Theatre to create the final part of Theatre Absolute‘s 2 year project Are We Where We Are?  But before the (chippy) doors open to welcome the public in to Sphere, each individual element was carefully placed next to each other and integrated into the space to ensure their unique voices are heard with maximum impact.

Amy Kakoura, Ashley James Brown, Demi Oyediran, Kimisha Lewis, Laura Nyahuye, Ola Animashawun, and Raef Boylan.

During the rehearsal days there were moments where each artist would find their own private space within the theatre, working on refining their performance.  They would start to come together, helping each other, trying out different approaches, bringing them all together as one.

Each had their own processes and techniques they used to refine and rehearse their performance.

And before the doors finally open, time for some contemplation, relaxation and essential vocal and physical warm ups.

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