In the studio with…Coventry Arts Trail

In the studio with…Coventry Arts Trail

It’s the final week of Warwickshire Open Studios 2018 and the Coventry Arts Trail so I thought it would be appropriate to post these photos from a recent visit to some of the artist that are partaking.
These were originally taken for a post on Curating Coventry (where the images were accompanied with words by Amanda Glanville from The Earingcafe).

The experience of visiting all these artist was fantastic, being able to observe their working practises, being part of their environment and talking to them about what inspires them. Questions that often float around in my own head. If you get chance I would highly recommend visiting them during Open Studios as what happens behind-the-scenes will help give you a deeper understanding of the art they create.

Thanks to them all for giving me the time and access.

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