Monthly Inspiration – April 2018

Monthly Inspiration – April 2018

Plenty of travelling around this month with trips to Bristol and the Martin Parr Foundation, hiking in The Brecon Beacons and some exciting connections being made in Coventry. Also, thanks to the shift in the weather, I have finally been able to start building The Darkshed and the roof is now on!

Do Not Bend – The Photographic Life of Bill Jay

This was the world premier showing of the documentary about Bill Jay.
If you get chance to see this film – Do Not Hesitate.

It’s being shown next at Oriel Colwyn, Colwyn Bay, Wales

Martin Parr Foundation – Seminar Day

The following day was non-stop, inspirational seminar sessions at the Martin Parr Foundation. I left this day feeling motivated and refreshed after talks from Marketa Luscacova, John Myers, Peter Mitchell and Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen.  And to round it all off a conversation between David Hurn and Martin Parr. EPIC.

Connected to this, a wonderful film from Ffoton has just been released – Encounters with strangers: The photography of Niall McDiarmid – a conversation between Niall McDiarmid and Daniel Meadows about his exhibition ‘Town to Town’ which is currently on at the Martin Parr Foundation.

Cafe Royal Books

My head wasn’t really with it by the end of the seminar, having spent 3 days in the blistering sun previous I was ready to get on the road and back home for some serious sofa time. This meant I forgot to look at these newly released books for sale from Cafe Royal. As soon as my brain started working again I knew I had forgotten something, fortunately CR have a great website and fast delivery!
I’m a huge fan of Martin Parr’s photography but I’ve never seen any of his early stuff before, Martin Parr — Prestwich Mental Hospital 1972, immediately caught my attention. Then of course there’s Bill Jay — British Photographers Photographed, released to tie-in with the documentary, I wouldn’t hesitate buying either of these…that’s if there’s still availability.

Anil Mistry – Goodnight Sweetheart

Next up is Goodnight Sweetheart by Anil Mistry & Friends, a charming, amusing and thought provoking book which on the surface is a collection of discarded mattresses but the reality is so much more. Combined with words from guest writers, ‘men of a certain age’, all profits from the book are being donated to CALM, a UK charity dedicated to preventing male suicide.
Apparently it’s almost sold out so buy it NOW in his shop.

Coventry City of Culture 2021 – Artist Training Day at The Albany Theatre

There were talks given by the City of Culture outlining their plans and giving advice to artists and organisations. Coventry City Council went through the process of running events and licensing in the city and Theatre Absolute talked about what they learned when running The Shop Front Festival.
A very positive day, with lots of discussions and ideas. It’s all in the early stages but the enthusiasm is strong and everyone is really excited. More of this!
I am starting to document artists and communities photographically in the Coventry area in the run-up to and during the City of Culture 2021. It was great to meet some of you and get the process started, however if we didn’t get chance to speak, or you couldn’t make this meeting, please drop me an email : contact@johnwhitmore.gallery

Getting outdoors – The Brecon Beacons

And finally…
Getting outdoors and going walking is an important part of my life, I try to get away from the computer/mobile screen as much as possible. Finally, the weather in the UK seems to be turning, the days are longer and summer will soon be here. Luck would have it, a pre-planned trip to the Brecon Beacons coincided with a incredibly hot and sunny day in April. You can see more photos from that hike here. If you would like to join in future film photowalks please register here.
See you next month!

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