#filmfeb 2018

#filmfeb 2018

#Filmfeb was a fantastic initiative organised by Jason Avery on Twitter. Questions related to film photography are posted everyday for a month and the community answer using the relevant hashtag. It’s a great way to meet other film photographers, find out what they are up to and have some interesting discussions. I would highly recommend joining in (or at least just following the hashtag!), this month there were also prizes to won from Silberra Film and Japan Camera Hunter. Jason runs a film hashtag 3 times a year as #filmtober , #filmjune #filmfeb so make sure you follow him for future gatherings.

This blog post started out as a place to keep my posts to #filmfeb so I could come back to them easily next year and see what’s changed. But then I wanted to be able to ‘bookmark’ some other responses too for future reference, twitter does not make this easy to do! And now there’s this. My posts and a collection of some of my favourite community responses from #filmfeb 2018. Thanks again to Jason and everyone who participated. It’s been a blast.

Ready for a massive wall of Tweets? Here we go…
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1 – What are your top 3 goals with film for 2018?

2 – What film are you excited about using the most?

3 – One camera, one film, one location; which 3 would you choose?

4 – Any tips for first time developers?

5 – What’s your favourite instant film & why?

6 – Do you use the zone system? Any tips?

7 – What film cameras are on your 2018 wish list?

8 – Light meter or spot, and why?

9 – Do you have conventions in your area?

10 – Would you give a camera to a friend to get them started in photography? If so which one?

11 – Share your best Image from 2017

12 – Are you trying a new format for 2018? If so, which one?

13 – Are you film only or do you have digital too?

14 – Do you have a darkroom or plans to build one?

15 – Recommend a fabulous photography shop.

16 – What is the weirdest thing you have ever photographed?

17 – What are your top 5 films?

18 – Have you ever built your own camera? If not would you?

19 – Have you ever used chromogenic film?

20 – What style of photography would push you out of your comfort zone?

21 – What film developing chemicals do you recommend and why?

22 – If you could spend a day shooting with any film photographer, dead or alive,
who would it be and why?

23 – Why do you think there has been a resurgence of film lately?

24 – Share a picture of your film camera bag – what essential stuff do you have in there?

25 – If someone said “Film is Dead” what would you response be?

26 – What do you think makes the film community so strong?

27 – Is instant film part of your photography? If not why?

28 – Has #filmfeb taught you anything?

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