Tanna, Vanuatu

Tanna, Vanuatu

Cyclone Pam
In 2015 many of the islands across Vanuatu were hit by Cyclone Pam causing devastation to the infrastructure and communities.

Most of the financial aid sent to the country was soon used up without essential supplies reaching the villages scattered over the island of Tanna. Over a month after the Cyclone had passed shipments of essential clothing, blankets and tools arrived by boat from Australia.  These packages were then sorted by local volunteers and transported to the most inaccessible parts of the island by 4WD.

Damage caused by the cyclone.


Although basic in it’s facilities, the island hospital is an important part of the community, supporting the population of over 25,000 and the surrounding islands.



Yakel Tribe

Yakel Tribe – Welcome

Traditional Game

Fire starting

Mount Yasur

Mount Yasur is an active volcano located in the south-east of the island.


Date :  June 2015
Location : Tanna, Vanuatu
Digital Photos : Sony RX100 II
Film Camera : Mamiya 7ii
Films : Ilford Delta, Kodak Porta, Kodak Ektar
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