Snowdon Adventure

Snowdon Adventure

I thoroughly enjoy the film parties run by Emulsive on Twitter. Whether participating or not, they are a fantastic way to share and enjoy other film photographers shots.

During the December 2017 party the weather in the UK was pretty dire for landscape photography, that was until the report came in of a severe snow storm sweeping across the country for the last few days.  I have never shot snow in 4×5 before and this was a great opportunity to get some experience.

I packed up my equipment, loaded 6 sheets of 4×5 Ilford FP4+, jumped in the Bongo and headed for Wales.


Clear peak Snowdon, flat sky…

The Miner’s Track

A stream cuts through the snowscape

Water falling over the rock face creating spectacular ice formations.

Oh and I also decided to film the trip.  Hoping to make more of these mini-movies in the future…







Date :  December 2017
Location : Snowdonia, Wales, UK
Video : Sony RX100 II
Film Camera : MPP 4×5
Film : Ilford FP4+

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